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Staff Bios - California



Lyle B Hill — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Lyle B Hill

He was Executive Producer of Another World and Somerset for a total of ten years. While he produced Another World, it won the Best Daytime Series award for two consecutive years. During this period, he cast such actors as Larry Hagman, Martin Sheen, Richard Thomas, James Earl Jones, Ted Danson, Sigourney Weaver, Jamison Parker, Audrey Landers, Brock Peters, Susan Sullivan, Charles Durning, Gloria DeHaven, JoBeth Williams, etc.
He also devoted time to lecturing on the subject of acting at various universities, and to teaching acting technique at Weist-Barron in New York. Because he produced one, and for many years two shows daily, for 20 consecutive years without summer hiatus, he probably has produced more hours of TV programming than any other producer. He has been Executive Director, teacher and co-owner of WBH since 1977.
Mike O'Dell — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Mike O’Dell

Commercial talent agent for over 14 years, Mike brings his experience and extensive resume to the commercial department at the Bobby Ball Agency as well as his advanced commercial acting classes at WBH. Mike is considered by top casting directors as one of L.A.'s most esteemed commercial agents.
Ranjiv Perera — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Ranjiv Perera

Ranjiv's background includes work on Indy films in Hollywood and his extensive training in the Meistner technique. At WBH he teaches children and teens, building their skills to achieve truthful emotions, and strength and confidence in their work.
Shawn Fenton — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Shawn Fenton

Shawn has been working with an actors, directors and major casting directors in TV, film and theatre projects for over 30 years. He attended Cal Arts and in addition to his successful casting career, he is a working SAG actor.
Sumer Stamper — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Sumer Stamper

Talent agent at JLA Talent, one of LA's top talent agencies, Sumer handles the adult commercial division and works with actors to help develop their talent. She was a child actress for over 13 years, appearing in commercials, movies, sitcoms and soap operas, so she understands the high demands and the constant changing pace of the industry first hand. Her experience gives her the edge to guide her actors and help them become successful.
Patty Kelley — Acting School in Burbank,CA

Patty Kelley, Office Manager

With over 15 years of office administration experience, she is involved in many aspects of WBH including booking all of the agent/casting director showcases. All this while working on her Oscar speech, which she is sure she will be delivering - soon!
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