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Weist Barron Hill Acting For TV & Film

Individualized Acting Classes from Veteran Producers in Burbank, CA

The Weist Barron Hill Acting For Television and Film Burbank, California, location has offered acting classes to help hopefuls of all ages develop their skills since 1977. Our team began coaching actors when our first location opened in New York in 1956. After training and launching thousands of actors who went on to enjoy successful careers, we're ready to help you grow as an entertainer. Our Los Angeles, California-based facility is comprised of a team of instructors with more than 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. We limit class sizes in order to ensure that all students receive individual attention on camera. When you work with us, you'll practice script reading, script analysis, and character analysis while building confidence on-camera and enhancing your personal strengths.

About the Owner

Staff — Acting School in Burbank,CA
Lyle B Hill has devoted time to lecturing on acting at various universities and to teaching acting technique at Weist-Barron in New York. Because he produced one, and for many years, two shows daily, for 20 consecutive years without summer hiatus, he probably has produced more hours of TV programming than any other producer has! He has been executive director, teacher, and co-owner of WBH since 1977.
Lyle was the executive producer of "Another World" and "Somerset" for a total of ten years. While he produced "Another World," it won the Best Daytime Series award for two consecutive years. During this period, he casted many actors, including the following:
  • Larry Hagman
  • Martin Sheen
  • Richard Thomas
  • Susan Sullivan
  • Charles Durning
  • James Earl Jones
  • Ted Danson
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Gloria DeHaven
  • Jamison Parker
  • Audrey Landers
  • Brock Peters
  • JoBeth Williams
Man — Acting School in Burbank,CA
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